Industry in the competitive 21st century demands reliable installation tooling, Permalok work in partnership with their customers to achieve this.

  • For light engineering fasteners, pneumatic tools are available.
  • For large diameter products used in heavy engineering, power rigs with hydraulic tools are used.
  • All tools can be purchased and are usually ex-stock.
  • We also offer a hire service on the complete range.

Make sure you have the right tool for the right bolt by reviewing our checklist below.

At our Doncaster works we have excellent service and repair facilities, and offer a quick and competitive service on both pneumatic and hydraulic tools.


Cold Hole Expansion Tools

The benefits of using Cold Hole Expansion Mandrel & Huck Tooling are:

  • Cost effective, easy to use Mandrel which comes in various sizes and can be used with existing Huck tooling without having to purchase expensive additional equipment
  • Can be purchased as part of a full installation kit or just on its own if you already have Huck Tooling
  • The system allows you to cut out existing bolts, expand the hole and reinstall a Huck bolt without having to change tooling
  • The shorter design of the expansion tool allows access where other tooling maybe too long
  • Tooling can be used with our petrol, 20amp, 13amp and hand powered hydraulic rigs that have various approvals
  • Cold Hole Split sleeves are available in all diameters