Huck Bobtail Bolt

Newly designed, compact,semi-automatic tooling. The Huck Bobtail bolt installs in only 2 seconds, up to twice as fast as any other large diameter LockBolt on the market.

Consistent, high quality installation - 25 years experience or a novice makes no difference to the quality of the installation.

Smooth, shock free installation sequence ā€“ eliminates jolts to the operators arms and hands

High tensile friction grip fastener

No pin-tail: Reduced wastage, low installation noise, no pinbreak: increased corrosion resistance

Semi-automatic tooling installation: minimises installation time

Unique helical lock groove: Holds pins and collar in place prior to installation

Pin head style: Flanged hexagonal, flanged round

Collar style: Flanged hexagonal, flanged round

Materials: Steel

Diameters (mm): 6.4 7.9 9.5 12 14 16 20