Huck Magna-Grip Bolt

Consistent, high clamp force two piece fastener from Huck.

Good vibration resistance.

Extensive grip range.

Flush pin break across whole grip range.

T.I.R approved.

Huge grip range: Accommodates wide variations in joint thickness - 14.3/23.9mm (based on 6.4mm)

One pin and one collar cover a wide variety of applications: Reducing the risk of incorrect fastener installation

Wide grip range minimises fastener inventory

Flush pinbreak: No catching on clothes skin or goods

Pin head style: Button, truss, countersunk, rivet, broad truss

Collar style: Standard flange, medium flange, wide flange

Materials: Steel, aluminium

Diameters (mm): 4.8 6.4 7.9 9.5