Permalok are the sole UK stockist for ‘XZ’ lockbolts, manufactured by Lockbolt (ERS) Ltd.

Approved by Network Rail, with full carry-over if existing Cat. Numbers, the ‘extended grip’ range of 1″(25.4mm) diameter lockbolts can be installed using customers’ existing tooling, meaning a seamless swop-over from previous fasteners.

The range is also available in lockstud form, with a thread and nut replacing the bolt head, allowing installation in limited access areas.

Lockbolt (ERS) also manufacture 1.1/8″ (28.6mm) diameter lockbolts- also available through Permalok.

All of the above means that the Switch and Crossing and other Permanent Way applications are fully covered by the range of bolts/studs available from Permalok.

Special application bolts/studs can be made to order.